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Set amongst a backdrop of shimmering coastal waters, il azzurri offers vies of floating lslands so stunning, a horizon filled with shades of blue so beautiful, you will feel like you have entered another world.

About il azzurri

the blue ocean & sky

The deep azure ocean and the expansive sky.
Sit back in a chair with a glass of wine or limoncello in one hand. Now just relax and let the time pass.
This enigmatic blue is sure to make your stay all the more memorable.
il azzurri is a hotel that is reminiscent of an Italian resort, despite its casual location, about 3 hours from Tokyo.

il azzurriのロゴ

about logo design

Il azzurri" both means "hero" and refers to the bright blue color that characterizes the sea water around the island of Capri in the Gulf of Naples in Italy, after which the resort happens to be named for touristic appeal.


ocean front & open-air bath

All guest rooms have ocean views and you can enjoy the view of the sky and sea of Izu. In addition, all rooms feature an open-air bath, allowing you to enjoy the magnificent views while relaxing in the bath.

フリーフロー Free flowing  Drink

free flow

Appreciate the beautiful scenery in front of you while enjoying time spent with our loved ones. We want guests to enjoy the terrace and lounge while creating special moments. Take a trip to escape from the city and feel free. We want our guests to forget about the little things.

Alcohol and beverages such as our special lemonade and sparkling wine are provided free of charge in the lounge and restaurant [Free Flow (All you can drink) System].
* All you can drink menu is available.
*We also offer a separate paid premium menu


  • イタリア カプリ島 etreatment イタリアのカプリ島で過ごしたリトリート【逃避】の日々
  • イタリア カプリ島 etreatment イタリアのカプリ島で過ごしたリトリート【逃避】の日々
  • イタリア カプリ島 etreatment イタリアのカプリ島で過ごしたリトリート【逃避】の日々
  • イタリア カプリ島 etreatment イタリアのカプリ島で過ごしたリトリート【逃避】の日々
  • イタリア カプリ島 etreatment イタリアのカプリ島で過ごしたリトリート【逃避】の日々


Nishiizu is roughly a 3-hour drive from Tokyo, a reasonable distance for a drive, and is a perfect location to enjoy the feeling of going on a trip. Located on the west coast from Izu / Shuzenji, facing Suruga Bay, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the sea and the land, including Sanshiro Island, which is famous for the tombolo phenomenon that connects the land and the island.

The current owner, who visited such places many times since childhood, remembered his time on Capri Island. The sea, the setting sun, the light, the scent of the wind ... While Nishiizu does not have the lively parties, the land and climate are very similar to Capri Island.

The days of escaping to Capri Island in Italy.
Skylit caves reminiscent of the Tombolo phenomenon and the blue cave. The azure sea that seems to continue forever, the blue sky.
Azzurri in Izu. I realized that this place, which even has hot springs, is the place I had been pursuing.
This project began with finding a place to create an real resort where you can retreat from your daily life.

A place to open your mind on a trip and engage in retreatment [escape therapy] without worrying about time and money. From the location, color and light, a large bath with natural hot springs, a more private ocean view bath, to all you can drink in the lounge il azzurri embodies this feeling in every way.

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